The Rosies 2016

Well that was a fun night! We didn’t win, but Chris was there to support me and now I have a video of me losing so I feel like a winner anyways. Also, as they say, it was an honour just to be nominated. Congrats to all of the winners & other nominees! Alberta’s got talent man! ✌🏼️🎬 #rosies2016

33 Lessons in 33 Years

33 lessons

I don’t know what it is about “33” but I’m REALLY excited for my 33rd year on this planet.

(Note: My 33rd is next Monday so mark your calendars because I have yet to grow out of being stupid excited over my own birthday and expect plenty of accolades for keeping myself alive this long).

ANYWAYS, I haven’t counted, but I think I’ve learned approximately 211,937 life lessons so far…at least. I’ve decided to choose a few of my favourites to share with you. I hope you enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed learning them…

***33 Lessons in 33 Years***

1. Be there for someone when they’ve really messed up beyond comprehension.

2. One day, you’re gonna mess up beyond comprehension. Let someone be there for you.

3. “Sorry” is not a blanket statement or a free pass to be a dummy.

4. If someone gives you a compliment, say thank you, then STOP.

5. No sleep will make you bat shit crazy. Make sleep a priority.

6. If you’re hurting, laugh until it hurts. If you’re not hurting, laugh until it hurts. Then, laugh some more. As much as possible, and often.

7. Believe in something.. the Universe, unicorns, unitards, whatever works for you.

8. If crappy people are being crappy, send them love and move on.

9. When you spend your time and energy on crappy people, you’ll have less time and energy for the people that matter.

10. Use your manners.. especially when you don’t want to.

11. Never, ever, never replace someone else’s judgement for your own.

12. More often times than not, listening > speaking BUT if you get the urge to stay silent just to keep someone comfortable, it usually means that you should speak up.

13. Don’t stick little pieces of the A-Team’s toy van up your nose. It hurts.

14. You can’t expect other people to believe in you if you don’t believe in you.

15. Having a conversation with someone is better when you don’t have a phone in your hand. A whole new world!

16. Break out into song whenever the fuck you want. Your Life = Musical.

17. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be weird. Own it.

18. When someone shares exciting news with you, take out the responses “must be nice”, “I’m jealous”, … out of the mix. Be excited for others! Be, be, excited!

19. It’s not always about you… It’s all about ME! (Just kidding). The world doesn’t revolve around you or me. Thankfully.

20. When shit is going South, remember how big of a deal losing your Jem doll was and how little of a deal it is now. This too shall pass.

21. Take lots and lots of chances. But maybe not jump-on-a-trampoline-drunk-in-an-ocean-when-a-storm-is-coming kind of chances.

22.Your ego is an asshole, usually.

23. If it can be fixed with money, it’s not a real problem.

24. Don’t believe everything you think. Like, if you think you can’t fit your foot into heels that are 2 sizes too small (see photo), you shut that lil voice down and you commit to making it happen.

25. When you start caring too much about what other people think of you, stop it. You’re the only one who has to live THIS life. They don’t know what it’s like. Oh, baby, you don’t know what it’s like… to love somebody.. what? (see #16)

26. Travelling the world makes it smaller and will humanize people in other cultures. You should do that and often.

27. If you’re travelling in remote areas overseas and own a bladder, give your dignity a high-five and send it on it’s way.

28. Stuff is just stuff and everything can be replaced. Except that Jem doll. I never did find it. I wonder where it went…

29. There’s a time to let go.

30. Never take anything or anyone for granted. People are not disposable things.

31. Never, ever, never let the action or reaction of others change who you are. If someone takes advantage of you for being nice, be nice anyway, but create boundaries and protect your bad self! By bad self, I mean good… self.

32. Don’t use “hip” language that you can’t manage.

33. Always be learning your life lessons. It usually hurts but if it didn’t you probably wouldn’t learn from it. Can you imagine if I kept sticking A-Team toys up my nose?!? I pity the fool!